Posted: July 7th 2020

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This is the review/ pros & cons of the best affiliate marketing courses in July 2020.

This blog post includes information from people who have taken these courses and is an honest review of each and every one of them.

Affiliate Marketing has some very important aspects to it, which include:

— Traffic Generation (Paid or Organic)

— Email Automation

— Landing Pages

— Niche/Personal Branding

Out of that list, the most important aspect is by far Traffic Generation

Why? You may ask.

“If you can generate traffic, doesn’t matter whether it’s paid or organic, you can make money with any affiliate marketing program.”

If you would like more information on how to generate traffic, click the button below. *Credit To Aaron Chen

Without further a-do, let’s dive right into the list.

10) Clickbank University

best affiliate courses

Clickbank University - Key Points

✔ About     An eight-week affiliate marketing course specifically for Clickbank. It is best for people who want to create and sell their products online.

💰 Price  $47/month + $594 Upsell

😍 Pros   It serves as a platform to help you learn how to monetize your passion online. You get a thorough understanding of email marketing which serves as one of the pillars of e-commerce today.

😫 Cons   Some of its video tutorials are outdated. There is no proper filtering process to scan out spam products promoted by its users.

💬 Verdict   Some people haven't got solid results. Overpriced for what you get. Wouldn't recommend.

The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

          You get a great understanding of e-mail marketing.              The course is too overpriced                 

Conclusion :

ClickBank University has a solid course with useful tools to help people create their own digital products, market it on ClickBank and make money.

They also have a set, of course, to guide people in affiliate marketing but the information is limited and outdated.

In addition, Clickbank University only advertises that you have to pay $47/month but there is a lot of upsells which could leave your wallet empty, so take note of that!

Purchase Clickbank University Here

Overall Rating: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 2/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

9) The Millionaire Society

best affiliate courses

The Millionaire Society - Key Points

✔ About     A paid course which claims you can make $720/day. I recommend this product if you are ready to start earning a bit more cash with affiliate marketing.

💰 Price  $97/Month or $997 Lifetime

😍 Pros   You don’t need to have any particular knowledge on the subject. Only 3 minutes are needed to set up the software. The program will do all the work for you since it is on autopilot.

😫 Cons   It might take some time for people to buy the products you are promoting. It is quite expensive if you are not familiarised with the prices of affiliate marketing.

💬 Verdict   Some people have got good results with it, but there are cheaper options.


The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅ High ticket affiliate marketing which means you can get big commisions.                                                                                                                ❌ It takes a while for people to buy the products your promoting.                

Conclusion :

The Millionaire Society is an ok course with some people getting decent results.

Although, most people who have bought the course are saying that the training is very minimalistic and basic.

In addition, you have to pay a hefty $97/Month or $997 full time just for some basic training.

Overall I think you can get a lot more bang for your buck. So this is not the best affiliate marketing course. 

Purchase The Millionaire Society Here

Overall Rating: 2.5/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

8) The Fast Tracks

best affiliate courses

The Fast Tracks - Key Points


About     This course is meant for people who want to make income without leaving the comfort of their home, those who are planning to start their own business, and for those who are searching ways to make money online or start an Internet Marketing Agency.

💰 Price  $997

😍 Pros   Works well for people who have just started affiliate marketing. Sales funnel and autoresponder templates are included. Lots of free bonuses.

😫 Cons   It may not be affordable for everyone. The introduction webinar is too long. You need to put some budget aside for running ads ($50-$100).

💬 Verdict   If you have the money I think this is a pretty good course, although there are better options for the same price.


The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅Works well for beginners, includes tons of free bonuses.                                                                                                                ❌You have to pay $50-$100 for running ads.                

Conclusion :

1K A Day Fast Track is to simply put, a 6-weeks affiliate marketing training course.

You're not learning an all-round, general how-to's, but you're learning how to use a 2-page website with a poll (yes/no question) to sell specific ClickBank products while building a list of email subscribers at the same time.

I would recommend this course for people willing to dish out a decent amount of money and want to get a good course. However, I wouldn't say this is the best affiliate marketing course.

Purchase The Fast Tracks Here

Overall Rating: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 2.5/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

7) Operation Recession Takeover

best affiliate courses

Operation Recession Takeover - Key Points

✔ About     Operation Recession Takeover is a compressive program that is custom-made to help you earn quick money during an economic slump. The money is earned by engaging in selling products that purchasers are still buying in the markets.

💰 Price  $499

😍 Pros   There’s training on dropshipping, which allows you to scale your business faster. Focuses on the current economic situation. Patric Chan (The creator of operation recession takeover) is an experienced and legitimate internet marketer.

😫 Cons   The method relies mainly on paid ads, which is not for everyone as it requires an additional investment. You need to use tools that also cost money.

💬 Verdict    Operation Recession Takeover is a legit program that will teach you how to make money online during recession. Although, you need to invest money in ads and tools before you become profitable.


The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅There's training on dropshipping, which allows you to scale your business faster.                                                                                                                ❌It mainly relies on running ads which require an additional investment.                

Conclusion :

The concept of the program is good, especially that it takes into consideration the current situation of the economy.

It also relies on paid ads to drive traffic to your offers, which is faster than the organic traffic method.

It requires some extra cash to pay for the ads which not everyone is willing to do

Overall, this course is a solid competitor if you're willing to invest in it.

Purchase Operation Recession Takeover  Here

Overall Rating: 3/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

6) Commission Hero

best affiliate courses

Commission Hero - Key Points

✔ About   Commission Hero will teach you how to get traffic from Facebook Adverts to landing pages. These landing pages help you to "capture email addresses" and then sell affiliate products from Clickbank. 

💰 Price  $997+$297/Month Upsell

😍 Pros   Commission Hero is a real business model. Robby Blanchard (The creator of commission hero) is ClickBank's #1 affiliate. Possible to make money fast

😫 Cons   Only one marketing strategy. Hidden monthly costs. Expensive to try.

💬 Verdict    Commission Hero is legit as it teaches you how to use Facebook to make a full-time income. However, it is costly for most people.


The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅There is a good chance that you can make a high income per day.                                                                                                                ❌It is costly and has secret monthly expenses.                

Conclusion :

This course has been proven to be legit.

People have got insane results with it.

It may even work for you

However, the initial costs are high!

It is roughly $997 to start off then around $300 per month ($650+ if you want to join the inner circle.)

The course does work, but if you aren't looking to spend that money I wouldn't recommend.

Purchase Commission Hero  Here

Overall Rating: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 3/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

5) 12 Minute Affiliate

best affiliate courses

12 Minute Affiliate - Key Points

✔ About   12 Minute Affiliate is a paid affiliate marketing course that helps you make money in a short period of time. It is mainly based on driving traffic to make sales.

💰 Price  $9.95 for the first 14 days, $47/$97 thereafter.

😍 Pros   All done for you system (great for beginners). Instructions are thorough and helpful. Devon (The creator of 12-minute affiliate) is really helpful and supportive.

😫 Cons   You need to constantly keep investing in traffic. "Done-for-you" traffic service is costly.

💬 Verdict    If you are brand new to affiliate marketing and willing to "spend money to make money" in a short period of time, then I would recommend it to you.

The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅It is cheap and good for beginners.                                                                                                                ❌You have to maintain the traffic so it is not fully passive.                

Conclusion :

If you are looking to earn money in a short period of time, this course is for you.

You'll get to learn how a sales funnel works, how an email integration works, what it's like to buy solo ad traffic, and how you monitor your autoresponder sequence.

There are a couple of upsells but they are an optional purchase.

Overall, if you are a beginner and want a cheaper option to start off affiliate marketing, this is the perfect course for you. This is one of the best affiliate marketing courses if you are looking for a cheaper option.

Purchase 12 Minute Affiliate  Here

Overall Rating: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 3.5/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

4) My Online Startup

best affiliate courses

My Online Startup - Key Points

✔ About   My Online Startup is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to make a 6-figure income with a series of short videos and training.

💰 Price  $197 for Partner, $997 for Legendary Partner.

😍 Pros   A beginner-friendly platform with a 6-figure earning potential. Tons of member success stories on Facebook. Top-notch tools & resources. Partner levels offer a ‘Done-For-You’ blog (+ a system with 50+ income streams!)

😫 Cons   Extra costs required for recommended tools & paid traffic strategies. Some beginners may find the training overwhelming at first.

💬 Verdict    My Online Startup allows you to create a 6-figure yearly business as an affiliate marketer. And the pricing is not too shabby, I would recommend this.

The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅There is a high chance you will earn a sustainable income with this course.                                                                                                                ❌There are extra monthly expenses.                

Conclusion :

If you are looking for a course that is not very costly, can earn you a lot of money in a short period AND does all the work for you, well your in luck.

My Online Startup also has a free version that includes 50 free training videos but if you are looking for a course that does all of the legwork for you I would highly recommend purchasing the Partner Version.

The partner version includes a lot of free bonuses to get you started, including, a DFY system and a free-blog-system.

If you are interested in making good money I would recommend this course. This is one of the best affiliate marketing courses out there.

Purchase My Online Startup  Here

Overall Rating: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 4/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

3) Affilorama

best affiliate courses

Affilorama - Key Points

✔ About   Affilorma is a membership-based site designed for people who want to make money online using affiliate marketing.

💰 Price  $67/Month+Add-Ons+Upsells

😍 Pros   There are 75 free training videos. Legit business model. Hosting included for 1 year in some packages.

😫 Cons   A moderate amount of upsells. Some outdated content. Creator not involved that much.

💬 Verdict   I would definitely recommend this course as it is relatively cheap and includes a lot of training videos and freebies.


The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅Tons of free training videos and freebies for a cheap price.                                                                                                                ❌Some of the content is outdated.                

Conclusion :

Affiliorama is a great course for people who want a good value course for a cheaper price than all the other mainstream courses.

There is a total of 5 different packages.

The free package which includes a ton of free training videos.

The Affiliorama Premium package which includes: Webhosting for 15 domains, Affiliate blog Bootcamp and many more. It costs $67/Month

Affiliotools which you already get access to if you buy the premium package.

Affilio Jetpack which includes so much I would probably need to write a new blog just to list them! It costs $997 and is a one-time payment.

Affilio Blueprint which includes 90+ free training videos, downloadable training videos and documents and much more! It costs $197 and is also a one-time payment.

This is a great course as there are so many options. This is one of the best affiliate marketing courses.

Purchase Affiliorama  Here

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Yellow And Orange Stars

2) Simple WiFi Profits

best affiliate courses

Simple WiFi Profits - Key Points

✔ About   Simple WiFi Profits is a step-by-step, online training program that takes ​you by the hand to create a unique affiliate-marketing-driven business.

💰 Price  $1,497

😍 Pros   The online training program includes step by step video demonstrations and the contents are easy to grasp. The creators provide exact information about the products they are selling and the ads to use. Instructions are given on every page and you can find everything you need.

😫 Cons   Common people and people who don’t have knowledge about affiliate links and emails may have lose than earnings. Costly.

💬 Verdict   I would definitely recommend this course as it is a good start for people who want to make commissions every day it alaso includes a lot of training videos and freebies.


The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅The training is extremely good quality and effective.                                                                                                                ❌It is expensive.                

Conclusion :

Simple WiFi Profits is a great course for people who are looking for a highly effective affiliate marketing course but are also willing to dish out a lot of money on it.

It is mostly to do with how to create a sustainable income using ads, Facebook etc.

Overall, Simple WiFi Profits is one of the best affiliate marketing courses. The things that are taught are something that has universal value and can assist people in setting up their online business from home with success.

Purchase Simple WiFi Profits  Here

Overall Rating: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 4.5/5 Yellow and Orange Stars

1) Super Affiliate System

best affiliate courses

Super Affiliate System - Key Points

✔ About   Super Affiliate System is a training course taught by John Crestani. He teaches beginners how to get started with affiliate marketing using a system consisting of buyers, a website and traffic.

💰 Price  $997

😍 Pros   It is made for both beginners and pro-level affiliate marketers. Step-by-step video training course. You can take it at your own pace. Facebook group for support. Great info on how to make money fast.

😫 Cons   It is expensive for most people. It requires an extra investment for advertising. Beginners need to learn the basics before they start to earn money.

💬 Verdict   This system is very powerful as it gives all off the knowledge you require for making money online. I would highly recommend this program.


The Bottom Line

Best Selling Point                                                                             ❌ Worst Issue 

        ✅The best affiliate marketing training out there.                                                                                                                ❌It is expensive.                

Conclusion :

Super Affiliate System is 100% the top tier of affiliate marketing training courses.

You may be thinking about the price but there is a way to make it more manageable.

If you cannot afford paying the $997 straight away, you can pay 3 payments of $332 which makes it more manageable.

Believe it or not you are actually getting great value with this course as it almost guarantees that you can make money in a week unlike the cheap $30 courses which takes 2-3 years just to get get results.

Overall I would 100% recommend buying this course. 

Purchase Super Affiliate System  Here

Overall Rating: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 5/5 Yellow and orange stars


If you’re new to affiliate marketing, one of the best affiliate marketing courses is undoubtedly the Super Affiliate System course.


The great thing about Super Affiliate System is that you only pay a one time fee (There is also and option to pay 3, $320 fees) and the course is updated regularly.


Affiliate marketing is an ever evolving industry, therefore it’s important to keep expanding your knowledge. This can be easily done by investing one-time-payment in a course that provides updates or you can enrol in numerous courses that specialise in the differing areas of SEO and e-mail marketing.

Regardless of the course you choose, I wish you the best with your future affiliate marketing endeavours!

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